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The digital evolution: Understanding tokenised deposits

Join Jyoti Rambhai, editor at The Payments Association and Manish Garg from our Project Digital Currencies working group, investor and director at VE3 as they both dive into the world of tokenised deposits. Discover the significance of tokenised deposits, its potential impact on the UK economy, and the role of CBDCs in shaping the future of digital banking. Tune in for an insightful discussion on the evolution of banking and the potential of blockchain technology.

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Why educating consumers and merchants on chargebacks is important

Join host Jyoti Rambhai and guest Guy Harris, chair at Chargebacks911, as they delve into the intricate world of chargebacks and the impact it has on merchants. Understand the challenges facing the industry and what the industry can do to ensure a smoother transaction experience amid an evolving landscape of disputed transactions.

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The NPA and future of instant payments

Andrew Hewitt, Director of Payment and Data Solutions at FIS, shares his views about the New Payments Architecture (NPA) and specifically instant payments, the future potential and risks, as well as his own learnings from early account-to-account initiatives.

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PAY360 Live: The Role of Data Sharing and Collaboration

Listen to the Project Financial Crime fireside chat live from the PAY360. This fireside chat discusses results from the Project Financial Crime whitepaper in partnership with Form3, featuring Andrew Churchill, Ambassador, The Payments Association (Moderator), Chris Oakley, Head of Fraud, Form3 and Jonathan Williams, Payments Specialist, Payment Systems Regulator.

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Project ESG Podcast Thumbnail featuring guests

Insights Podcast: A Journey into ESG with Charles Radclyffe, CEO of Ethics Grade & Charlie Bronks, Head of Sustainability at Crown Agents Bank.

This month’s ‘Insights’ podcast episode features Charles Radclyffe, the CEO of EthicsGrade and Charlie Bronks, Head of ESG for Crown Agents Bank. They discuss the importance of ESG (environmental, social, and governance) in the payments industry and how more progressive policies and business-models can and must be implemented in 2023.

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Payments Pod: Mastercard’s Darren Deal shares his 5-year predictions

The Payments Association’s Payments Pod, the show that connects you to some of the greatest personalities in the payments sector, and keeps you one step ahead on innovation and trends. In this episode Mastercard’s Darren Deal shares his 5-year predictions in Technology, 5G, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things and Big Data.

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Risk and cross-border payments: navigating a regulatory and compliance minefield

Tune in to hear our expert panel explore the risks of cross-border payments, discuss how to achieve more efficient and commercially viable compliance processes, and provide a ‘crystal ball’ forecast on regulatory and market opportunities.

Speakers include:
Nkosi Moyo, Head, Global Payments – Mobile Sales, Crown Agents Bank
Robert Wade, Global Head of Cross-Currency Solutions, J.P. Morgan
Livia Benisty, Global Head of AML, Banking Circle
Chryssi Chorafa, Founder & CEO, StarLiX
Kazım Rıfat Özyılmaz, Co-Founder, Arf

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Open finance and premium APIs: unlocking the untapped potential for the payments industry

Tune in to hear our expert panel explore the broad definitions of Open Finance and how it differs from Open Banking, where Open Finance can create huge value for businesses and consumers

Our speakers then steer the conversation towards fundamental questions the industry is eager to answer, such as; Is there an appetite for moving on beyond the current regulatory scope? What can be achieved with Variable Recurring Payments? And finally, what do we need to do to get Open Banking payments further adopted in the UK?


Jan Van Vonno – Director of Research, Tink
Huw Davies – Co-Founder and CCO, Ozone API
Fliss Berridge – Co-Founder and Director, Ordo
David Lambert – Commercial Director, Transact365
Frank Breuss – Co-Founder and CEO, Nikulipe

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BNPL Regulation: What’s on the horizon?

This podcast episode brought to you by Project Regulator will explore how widespread Buy now pay later (BNPL) is in the UK and whether it is a viable market. Tune in to hear our expert speakers discuss what technology is used for BNPL, why it has grown so much and how it differs to your traditional payday lender. Our speakers go beyond this to discuss whether BNPL provides an answer to the lack of affordable credit options in the market, the threats it poses to consumers and how it should be regulated.

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The challenges faced by the MLRO in a small AML regulated firm

Brought to you by Project Financial Crime, this podcast episode discusses AML obligations of EMIs and APIs and what the role is for these firms in relation to their agents. You can also find out what the challenges are of filing suspicious activity reports (SARs), the current landscape of AML, (including recent prosecutions brought against financial institutions), and what the government is doing to bring in more corporate liability to prevent further fraud and financial crime.

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SIBOS: The Power of FI and Fintech Partnerships to Better Serve Customers

A dynamic landscape and the unprecedented pace of change make for an exciting and demanding marketplace, increasing the need for Capacity, Cost, and Competition. James Hodgson and Tim Tor from NatWest talk with Chris Peck of Bottomline and Teresa Connors of Payment Matters about the effectiveness of partnerships and collaborations and the difference it makes in better-serving customers.

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How has payments technology supported financial inclusion during the pandemic?

This month’s podcast, moderated by Project Inclusion Lead Josh Berle, explores how digital and financial exclusion remain entrenched in today’s society and have been how they have only been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, specifically the cutting out of cash, and a lack of access to technology. The panel then moves on to what the FinTech industry is doing to tackle these issues, before touching on what financially inclusive payments could look like over the next 5 years.

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The Evolution of Cross-Border Payments

This Payments Association Insights Podcast will discuss what is in store for cross-border payments. Hear our experts’ thoughts on global cross-border payment market opportunities, and the current and future barriers, before discussing how emerging technologies will shape the future of cross-border payments. They also cover how operators should seek to expand choice and options post pandemic to meet customer expectations.

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Brave new money: Crypto, CBDC and regulation in the UK

This podcast, moderated by Project lead Alison Donnelly, explores the U.K.’s current and future stance on crypto regulation and its potential divergence with the EU/eurozone. The team covers important themes such as AML rules and registration, UK government proposals for broader regulation of cryptoassets and stablecoins, and BoE proposals for a UK CBDC.

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VRP: The real game-changer for open payments

Our second Payments Association Insights Podcast will discuss how VRP could be the silver bullet that truly unlocks the potential of open banking for payments and the Competition and Markets Authority’s consultation on whether VRP should be a mandatory part of the roadmap.

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HMT’s Kalifa Review and the fight against Financial Crime in the UK

The Payments Association’s Project Financial Crime team will be discussing the Kalifa Review from HM Treasury. The review, which was published 26th February 2021, will be an opportunity for the Government to acknowledge and help shape the future of Fintech in the UK. The Project Financial Crime team is joined by other members from across the Payments Association community, honing in on how the review will help the battle against the epidemic of fraud and financial crime in the U.K.

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