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PPS is a Mastercard Principal Member and an FCA regulated Electronic Money Institution, offering a range of services including processing, UK and SPayments Association banking solutions, BIN sponsorship, eWallet provision, compliance, and fraud services. We are the driving force behind UK and Europe’s fintech space and provide the launch platform for many innovative solutions, some of which are industry firsts.

We are firm believers that one size doesn’t fit all, as we work with brand new challenger start-ups to make their first marks on the industry, to more seasoned players who have the badges to show their experience in the marketplace already. Then there are the others who aren’t technically classed as a challenger bank, but are adding value to existing propositions to enhance their current proposition.

Whatever the scale and size of the project, all programmes have one thing in common, and that’s connectivity to the PPS processing platform and access to our banking licences. PPS is the invisible, white-labelled technology in the background, providing a truly all round technical and regulatory base for the upcoming fintech stars to launch from. All connectivity happens through our APIs and web service calls, and our customers adapt an agent or distributor model, allowing them to benefit from the issuing and regulatory licenses held by our UK and EU entities.

PPS takes pride in the flexibility of our modular approach and as our customers grow in size and confidence, if they choose to take on some of the chunks of the overall solution on their own, we provide as seamless transition to the tasks and responsibilities sharing model.



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