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W2 and Cybertonica to Intensify their Partnership, Bolstering Combined Regtech and Fraud Offerings

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London, August 3, 2021:

W2, a leading provider of regulatory compliance technology has today announced they are intensifying their partnership with global fraud prevention experts Cybertonica. This will dramatically improve both businesses’ offerings to a large portfolio of clients requiring a hub for all fraud, risk and compliance checks.

Partners since 2017, both businesses looking to use the power of collaboration in the regtech industry and beyond. The partners intend to collaborate on combined products where W2 and Cybertonica can merge their expertise to improve their services. This is in an online retail and fintech marketplace reeling from a 25% rise in digital fraud since 2020. Therefore, regulatory and compliance are impacting business success and consumer security ever more directly.

Warren Russell, CEO & Founder at W2 comments:

“We have been working with Cybertonica for a number of years now and have seen them grow exponentially alongside W2. Building on this foundation through a renewed agreement is a really positive step forward for both companies. We can also utilise the power of both Cybertonica and W2’s technology to give our customers an even better experience.”

As regulatory pressure continues to rise and with the customer onboarding journey at the forefront of customer needs, both companies have developed their offerings. This is to not only ensure clients are confident they are meeting their compliance requirements but that the customer journey is optimised to meet the standard clients’ expect.

Joshua Bower-Saul, CEO & Co-Founder of Cybertonica added:

“We have a great story together with W2 and share the commitment with Warren and his excellent team to bringing the best technologies to a dynamic market. Our aim is to stem the tide of fraud and risk and put automation and automated rules intelligence from Cybertonica alongside W2’s expertise in compliance, directly multiplying the value and benefits to all our shared and new customers and prospects from this point forward.”

About W2

W2 have access to leading data and service providers ensuring that up to date and reliable information is available. This is via a range of online APIs and rescreening solutions; enabling businesses to satisfy regulatory requirements and make reliable informed decisions about consumer and corporate customers. They provide Know Your Customer (KYC), anti-money laundering (AML), Know Your Business (KYB) and ID Verification (IDV). Also, they provide the right solution on a domestic and international scale for both points of acceptance and ongoing monitoring. W2 offer the most customer-focused compliance solution available, allowing active management of risk.

About Cybertonica

Cybertonica is an international award-winning platform for the management of automated risk, AML, compliance and fraud detection. Through continuous authentication, data science and ML, friction is eliminated for legitimate users and payment agents. This is alongside automation, delivering huge efficiencies in managing fraud and risk. Cybertonica works as a SaaS, hybrid or on-premise cloud solution by integrating into existing payment, financial and banking services by modules. Alternatively, it can be added as a platform with orchestrated risk, cyberthreat and fraud services.

Please contact Rasa Striukaite at rasa@cybertonica.com for further information.

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