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TransUnion – Authorised Push Payment (APP) fraud – Arriving at a customer experience that delivers for everyone

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There doesn’t seem to be a week go by when fraud is not covered by the mainstream press and the last two months have been no different. At the end of May the Payment Systems Regulator announced the results of its consultation and published an industry code to protect consumers against Authorised Push Payment (APP) scams and in June Citizens Advice ran their Scams Awareness campaign.

Our experience in developing proprietary and bespoke fraud solutions for different types of organisations and sectors gives us a unique insight into the launch of the APP code of practice and in particular its Contingent Reimbursement Model code (CRM), which came in to force on 28th May). For us the code is interesting, as beneath the positive consumer-first headline it presents a complex challenge for businesses that will demand a clear and well thought through customer experience strategy.

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