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The Future of Competitive Advantage in Banking & Payments

by Banks & FIs need to take advantage of the opportunity to compare their strategic priorities, product roadmaps, and plans for future innovation with their peers.

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In the banking and payments industry, the past year has been loaded with questions that still need to be answered. What will the economic fallout be from COVID when it’s all tallied? Will geopolitical instability continue to roil markets? And maybe the most crucial question: will a global recession present obstacles to growth at this critical time?


However, for executives looking for answers, there’s only one issue: competition. You will need to compete for customers. You will need to compete against fintechs. And you will need to continue on a journey toward digital technology and iron out new wrinkles like open banking to strengthen your competitive set.


The report you’re about to read will illustrate and benchmark the critical issues for competition in 2023 and beyond. You will see that real-time payments have taken the highest priority. Also, note that regulations are still a substantial issue across the globe. And we will put this in the context of arguably the most dynamic and impactful year since the financial crisis.

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