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The Campaign to Create a Cashless Society

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The GoCashless campaign has been recently launched and more detail can be found on www.gocashless.org.uk

The campaign is a not for profit organisation that claims the UK would be a much fairer and better society, with less crime and lower taxes if cash was abolished.

Cash is the currency of the black economy, tax cheats and criminals for which all honest hard working people pay.

Why should some of us pay our taxes yet some that could don’t?

If cash was invented today nobody would think it was a good idea.

There are so many new secure payment systems with more emerging all the time which benefit  everyone including older people, charities and disadvantaged people.

Even children can now have bank accounts and electronic pocket money.

Some might say cash is a currency of choice yet unfortunately too many people choose to use cash for illicit purposes.

No legislation is needed just everyone’s’ willing cooperation to cease paying, saving and trading with cash.

Such is the sheer scale of unpaid tax due to the illegal use of cash, in a cashless society with dramatically more people paying tax, we could all pay less.

The cashless society has begun- No cash is taken on London Buses,- Waitrose recently  opened their 1st cashless store, Scrap merchants no longer buy metal for cash, Center Parcs are phasing out cash and many more cashless businesses  are set to follow.

The  campaign is seeking Ambassadors/Board Members  and donations to fund the campaign about which there is more information on the website.

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