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TagNitecrest develops Recycled PVC cards.

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UK based payment card manufacturer TagNitecrest is bringing a new sustainable card option to the market for card-issuing banks. Having first introduced a degradable payment card, in 2019, the manufacturer can now offer a recycled PVC card option.

Figures show that over 10 billion payment cards are made globally, each year, almost exclusively using PVC. Recycled PVC presents a huge step forward in payments card manufacturing. With recycled cards, each card manufactured replaces its equivalent volume of new PVC in the market.

Nitecrest Group Chairman Ronnie Hart ‘With more and more card-issuing banks looking for sustainability options in their card product, I’m delighted that TagNitecrest is once again able to pioneer new materials to support this. Having been the first manufacturer to produce a degradable card, the addition of recycled PVC is widening the portfolio available to our clients’

A recycled PVC card uses material that has been recovered and transformed for reuse. The first recycled PVC cards with be available in the market in early 2021, with one UK bank already starting production with TagNitecrest.

TagNitecrest previously produced the first degradable card, a card that degrades in a suitable environment, with UK bank Cashplus.

PVC represents a relatively small amount of total waste plastic, contributing to less than 2% of plastic pollution. But with research and development into new products focussing on sustainability, the hope is this number will fall further.

Ronnie added ‘There are many processes and materials associated with our business area that helps us to contribute towards preserving the environment. The Nitecrest Group has integrated sustainability as an intrinsic part of our business and future strategy’.

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