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PAY360 New Workshop – Combating Fake News

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We are happy to announce that Angela G. Yore, the Co Founder of SkyParlour will be joining us at the PAY360 Digital Payments Annual Conference & Gala Dinner happening on 23rd and 24th May 2017 at the Coombe Abbey Hotel. She will be running the workshop below:

Combating Fake News – Storyselling:
Telling Authentic Business Stories To Build Trust

The brain finds stories easier to remember than product push, stats, facts and figures; why else to we tell our children fairy tales and fables to guide their early decisions and development? As adults, we prioritise and digest information in the same way – making judgements based on how we receive information, who we receive it from and how that relates to our own experiences.

Many technology businesses have well developed value propositions but the firm that has confidence in its own voice, then uses that voice to tell a believable and humanised story, will more likely gain audience respect and involvement. This session looks at the top Storyselling tech brands, uncovering how to build real business stories and capture the imagination of your VIP influencers, from investor to prospects and the media to analysts.

It is still not too late to take part in the event.  You can book your spot here but hurry, as we have limited seats!

See you there!

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