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Overcoming Banking and Payments challenges for Digital Asset Businesses – an Payments Association Webinar sponsored by OpenPayd

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An insightful webinar session hosted by OpenPayd that focussed on overcoming banking and payments challenges for digital asset businesses.

Businesses dealing with digital assets have always been faced with significant challenges when accessing banking and payments infrastructures to support their operations.

Traditional banks still do not fully understand how to evaluate risk in the crypto industry, and instead are reluctant to open accounts for these businesses or provide any type of banking and payment services.

Though the regulatory environment has been evolving and certain countries (example Malta, France, Lithuania) have past regulatory guidelines for businesses operating with digital assets, the rate at which regulation is coming into place is still lagging behind the widespread growth of businesses dealing with digital assets.

For any business, being able to gain access to core banking and payments services are vital in operating effectively and efficiently – and Crypto businesses are no different.

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