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New contactless payment wearables now available from Thames Technology

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New contactless payment wearables now available from Thames Technology

Thames Technology is excited to launch its new PayCard+ offering, which combines a traditional payment card with a piece of stylish wearable payment technology such as a ring, wristband or key fob.

Contactless payment methods have been growing in popularity over the past 10 years, making use of the latest developments of tap and pay technology worldwide. In the UK alone, more than 27% of transactions of all payment transactions in 2020 were contactless, and many consumers are ready to embrace the latest trends in the search for convenient payment methods.

That’s why many banks and fintech businesses are looking to elevate their product offering by providing customers with an alternative, more versatile method of paying.


What is PayCard+?

Thames Technology’s PayCard+ offers a quick to market, easy to implement companion solution, where a wearable is delivered alongside a payment card for maximum impact and the all-important ‘wow’ factor. PayCard+ offers a ready-to-go solution, with payment chips pre-embedded and accounts already linked, so that the banking customer’s choice of wearable device is ready for action as soon as it’s been received and securely activated.

Why choose a wearable?

There are many reasons why consumers love wearable payment technology.

With people increasingly looking for more convenient, frictionless and stylish ways to pay, wearables are the perfect option. They offer banking customers a payment solution for wherever they go and whenever they need. Ideal for festivals, sporting events, theme parks, public transport, the beach and even the swimming pool, with a payment device around their wrist or on finger, it’s the ultimate in convenience.

In addition, they look cool too! With wearables still in their infancy, their use provokes conversation enabling users to impress their peers.

Setting yourself apart from the competition

With a wide range of different wearable to choose from, you can be sure there is the right one available to suit your different customers’ needs. For example, modern jewellery with integrated payment function such as rings and bracelets, offer a stylish and convenient way of paying which will quickly become the preferred way of using an account. This makes sure yours is the payment method of choice for your customers, which means there’s no need to be ‘front of the wallet’ any more.

On the other hand, when linked to a pre-paid card, payment enabled wristbands offer a great option for children and teenagers, and are much less prone to being mislaid or lost. A popular choice for parents and ideal for youngsters learning to control their spending, they can boost interest in your starter accounts by adding that little all-important extra!

What’s next?

Contact Thames Technology to find out how we can impress your banking customers with the latest in smart payment!


Image caption for secondary image:

PayCard+ featuring payment card with ready-linked wearable

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