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Modulr Cards Week – Explore the latest in Cards

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  • Title: Modulr Cards Week – Explore the latest in Cards
  • Caption for Image – Modulr Cards Week – Explore the latest in Cards
  • Landing page: https://landing.modulrfinance.com/cards-week-2022-mb
  • Speakers:
    • Jonathan Graham, Solution Consultant, Modulr
    • Maria Vieira, Customer Success Manager, Modulr
    • Nathan McDonald, Customer Success Manager, Modulr
    • Bill Gibson, Business Developer Director, TagNitecrest
    • Jill Docherty, Head of Business Development UK&I, Visa
    • Liam Birch, Senior Product Owner, Zumo
  • Description: Thinking of running a cards programme for your business? Or looking to revolutionise how you do it? In Modulr Cards Week sessions we cover everything about launching and running a cards programme in simple language, including every element from designing your card through to issuing it. If you’ve assumed setting up a cards programme is complicated, you may be in for a surprise. Modulr has an API-first card-issuing platform that’ll take all the complication out of cards – leaving you to focus on customer experience.
  • Messaging that you can also use: Find out what’s new with cards. View Modulr on-demand videos featuring experts from Visa, TagNitecrest, Zumo and Modulr. Watch all four short sessions online now and become a cards expert in under two hours.
  • 5 reasons to listen to Cards Week below. All this in 4 sessions. 25 minutes each. At your viewing pleasure.
  • Metal cards? Portrait cards? Eco friendly cards? Learn how to give your brand the freedom to express itself.
  • Hear the latest innovations in card programmes from TagNitecrest, VISA and Zumo
  • Brand in hand: There’s no better advertising than seeing your distinctive brand waved about at point of sale.
  • Stay up to date with the future of card issuing technology, whether that’s card freezing, real-time spend notifications, security smart rules or triggers.
  • Become the Champion for card programmes in your business and grow your cards network.
Article by Modulr Finance

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