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October Insights Interview with Anders la Cour, CEO and Founder, Banking Circle Group

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Our VIP guest for this month’s Insights Interview is Anders la Cour, CEO and Founder of Banking Circle Group.

Anders is an experienced leader in Fintech and banking, with a rare combination of modesty and achievement. He is CEO of one of the newest banks in Europe and leader of a next generation Fintech group with a market valuation of over $1bn.

Anders talks about his hopes for his business as he expands to the US markets. Having been granted a US Banking licence, Banking Circle can now clear dollars on its own, and embed that into its current product offering alongside Sterling, Euro, Swiss franc and more. Anders predicts that due to the scale of the US domestic market, a breakthrough could happen very quickly during this new venture, and is keen to take advantage of this.

The Banking Circle CEO goes on to discuss his predictions for our industry over the next 3 years, taking into consideration macro-economic factors. Whilst growth in innovation has been substantial over the past 10+ years, he believes we will begin to see more profitable growth. Tune in to hear Anders’ recommendations for people wanting to thrive in this industry.