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Insights Interview with Rafa Marquez

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Our VIP guest for March’s insights interview was Rafa Marquez, President of International Consumer Services at American Express. Leading the business of a world-class global company for 23 years has equipped Rafa with top-level insights into the payments industry. During this interview, Tony seeks to understand the “secret sauce” behind the success of American Express, as well as Rafa’s personal motivations, perspectives and beliefs.

American Express is one of the founding fathers of the payments industry, employing over 77,000 people to date and its presence now being global. Tony and Rafa discuss the increasing competition from the rise of fintechs, and what Amex is doing to preserve its status in the market. Rafa tells of how American Express aspires to be better than anyone else and will leave no stone unturned to ensure they are consistently delivering the best services possible to its customers.

You can also hear his exclusive insights on a variety of deep-dive topics, including open banking and digital currencies.