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Insights Interview with Anna Maj, CEO and Founder, Creative Link

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Our VIP guest for this June’s Insights Interview is Anna Maj, CEO and Founder, Creative Link.

A big passion of Anna’s is inclusion and diversity, and ensuring equal opportunities for all. Just as she believes that innovation can be born in the intersection of different sectors, Anna believes that the same applies to diversity. If you put people of different ages, genders, cultural backgrounds, skillsets and capabilities together around a table, they can exchange their views and opinions to create something really innovative.

Moving on to the subject of Financial Inclusion, Anna discusses the different levels of financial inclusion, dependent on a range of factors such as which financial services people have access to. More recently, a big contributing factor is digital inclusion. Whereas in many countries and regions the world of payments has become digitalised, there are still economies that are not digital-savvy.

Anna then shares her views on what the payments industry can do to help with the current situation in Ukraine, and wraps up the conversation with her hopes for the future of our industry.