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Insights Interview with Rowan Brewer, CEO, Paymentology

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In this fascinating conversation between Tony Craddock, Director General of The Payments Association, and Rowan Brewer, CEO of Paymentology, this discussion shares insights into the payments industry, Rowan’s guiding principles and what motivates him to work in a sector that enables people to hold money and make purchases online.

Rowan shares his top three trends in the payments industry today and discusses the challenges and complexities of navigating regulatory changes, the lack of a “wow” factor in recent payment innovations, and the groundbreaking potential of artificial intelligence and its impact on the industry.

This conversation offers valuable insights for anyone interested in the future of payments and the impact of new technologies. It highlights the payments industry’s profound effect on people’s lives and provides valuable perspectives for payment professionals, students, and anyone curious about the industry. They also touch on the role of regulators in enabling innovation while balancing the need for consumer protection and bureaucratic reporting.