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i-movo announce PayIN – a digital alternative to cheques

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Cost-effective, GDPR-compliant method free of paper, processing & postage

The i-movo PayIN service allows organisations to send payments, refunds or claims to individuals in the form of an i-movo Secure Digital Voucher. The payee receives their voucher by email or text message and deposits the value into their bank account by clicking a link on the voucher. The money arrives in their bank account within three days.

A unique feature of the service is that customers can choose to collect their payment in cash if they prefer, using i-movo’s well-established CashOUT service, from up to 62,000 UK retailers.

David Tymm, CEO at i-movo said, “While the majority of Organisation-to-Individual (O2i) payments are migrating to BACS and other direct-to-account methods, a significant minority of individuals are uncomfortable sharing their bank account details with third-parties for fear of where they may end up or having their account compromised.”

PayIN addresses this concern while giving individuals a convenient and secure method of banking payments. For organisations that otherwise issue cheques, PayIN is a cost-effective alternative free of paper, processing and postage.

In addition, many organisations that have retained individuals’ bank details for occasional payments are re-assessing this practice in the light of GDPR. PayIN removes the need to hold these details and with it, the compliance issues this poses.

The PayIN service is designed to be adopted easily by any organisation and is available immediately to all existing users of i-movo’s CashOUT service at no additional charge.

About i-movo

i-movo is the UK’s leading secure digital voucher system, having processed over 20 million transactions worth in excess of £400 million. The service is available in over 60,000 UK locations including all retailers with epay, PayPoint and Payzone payment terminals.

The service enables vouchers to be distributed by SMS, email, direct mail or mag-stripe card, and are accepted by retailers as a trusted form of payment. i-movo vouchers are validated in real-time to avoid over-use or fraud.

The service provides fast, financial settlement for retailers who are reimbursed automatically within days. Voucher issuers get instant visibility of who has redeemed their voucher, where and when.

Established in 2003, the company has delivered over 1,800 campaigns for more than 200 clients across various sectors including Banking, Consumer Goods, Government, Newspaper Publishing, Retail & Utilities and is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as a Small Payments Institution.

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