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Halfords partners with SVS to move to the forefront of customer-centred digital innovation

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The UK’s leading retailer of motoring, cycling and leisure products and services, Halfords, has placed itself at the forefront of customer-centred digital innovation. Working in partnership with global gift card provider, Stored Value Solutions (SVS), Halfords has launched a new digital product that enables customers to place both physical and digital gift cards in an Apple Wallet.

The benefit to Halfords’ customers is tangible. Once uploaded to their Apple Wallet, there will be no risk of a gift card sitting at the bottom of a drawer, forgotten about and unused. And if they receive several gift cards – physical and e-cards – the customer can put them together in the single mobile wallet, ready for use at any time in-store.

Joey Froedge, VP Digital Services SVS said: “We have worked closely with Halfords to enhance their mobile capability through SVS Mobile Wallet and Pass Management services. Much in the same way that a traveller can scan a boarding card onto their phone, we provide the management capability that allows Halfords’ customers in the UK and Ireland to store gift cards in an Apple Wallet.

“The functionality allows customers to check their gift card balances in real time and keep multiple gift cards in one place. It is very much a consumer-centred innovation, designed to make life easier while providing real choice – customers can shop where, how and when they like.”

Customer-focused innovation is a core element of Halfords’ business strategy. Scott Stone, Head of Halfords for Business, said: “We are committed to investing in IT and the work we have done in recent years has already given us a strong platform for improving customer experience. From our in-store software and tablets, to our new car parts database and the provisioning of gift cards into a mobile wallets we are focused on moving forward and developing excellent in-store and online experiences for our customers.”

As well as helping improve the consumer experience, Joey Froedge asserts the mobile wallet can enable retailers to build better relationships with their customers. “Mobile wallets enable two-way conversations”, he said and added: “With their customers’ permission, retailers can use push notifications to send balance reminders and notices of promotions or sales. For example: ‘don’t forget you still have £20 on your gift card’, or ‘we’re having a 24 hour flash sale tomorrow – 10% off everything’. In fact to celebrate, Halfords has revealed that anyone who purchases a new one or adds an existing one to their Apple mobile wallet before the 29th April, will receive an extra 10%, It means that a customer that has a £100 Gift Card will receive an extra £10. Halfords Gift Cards can be bought up the value of £1,000.


About Halfords

For more information about Halfords, contact the PR team at Halfords@z-pr.com and 0207 287 5006

About SVS

Award-winning SVS is a global provider of gift cards and stored value solutions, managing successful gift card programs for top retail brands around the world. We support over 750 million card products in 55 countries and 26 currencies every year – with each card possessing the ability to influence consumer behavior and drive sales. Through 25 years of industry experience, our team has expertise in retail gift cards, promotional offers, consumer engagement strategies, eCommerce solutions and mobile interactivity. To learn more, visit us at: www.storedvalue.com

For more information about SVS, contact the PR team at victoria@walkerjansseune.co.uk and 07932 724444.

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