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GBG State of Digital Identity Report

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What makes you, you? It’s a simple question, but the answer has never been so complex.

Your identity is about much more than your date of birth, your passport or your identity number. It varies by demographics, psychographics and industry. It even varies across an individual’s lifetime.

What’s constant is that the complex set of data points that shape our identities are vital in keeping the wheels of commerce turning. They create digital trust, which allows people and providers to interact safely without opening the floodgates to fraud.

This is what makes identity a foundational element of our future economy, and for the billions of invisible, personal economies within it.

In the GBG State of Digital Identity Report we dive into the digital accelerations, tomorrow’s threats and outline a blueprint for the next normal. View a limited version of the report here https://www.gbgplc.com/the-gbg-state-of-digital-identity-2020/

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