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fscom April News and Update

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fscom April News and Update


Is your zoom video conference as private as you think?


In this blog, fscom’s Simon Whittaker discusses the cybersecurity challenges we may be facing through the use of video and screensharing tools such as Zoom and his top tips for secure and safe virtual meetings.

SM&CR – The Regulators’ Expectations of Firms


In this blog, fscom‘s Jamie Cooke discusses the FCA’s statement which set out their expectations of solo-regulated firms and the FCA’s joint statement in collaboration with the PRA that demonstrated the regulators’ intention to assume a more flexible approach under the current circumstances.

Back to Brexit: Temporary Permissions Regime for EEA firms – Your Key Questions Answered


In this blog, fscom‘s Alison Donnelly discusses the key implications of the transitional period for EEA firms, the Temporary Permissions Regime and explains what the implications of the deal will be for those offering payment services to UK customers in a question and answer format.

Cross Border Payments Regulation 2


The Cross Border Payments Regulation 2 (CBPR2) came into force on Sunday 19 April. In this blog, fscom‘s Colin Sloan explains what CBPR2 is and what the key takeaways are for firms who have missed the deadline?




Building Operational Resilience – Client Briefing Webinar

7 May, 12.00-13.00


Register today for our free client briefing webinar on ‘Building Operational Resilience’, taking place on Thursday 7 May.

Regbite Webinar – PSD/EMD Individual…What does that really mean?

21 May, 12.00-13.00


Register today for our free Regbite webinar on ‘PSD/EMD Individual – What does that really mean?’, taking place on Thursday 21 May.




‘Payments and Pandemic’ Webinar hosted by Fscom and VIXIO Payments Compliance


Alison Donnelly and Simon Whittaker took part in this webinar, where they took an updated look at the payments regulation outlook for the year.

fsTalks – Episode 1


In the first of our weekly interviews, fscom Director Philip Creed talks to Francesco Fulcoli of TransferGo and William Marwick of IFX Payments on how they are partnering together to help people combat some Covid-19 real life issues.

How fscom is helping clients stay updated


In this clip,  fscom‘s Jamie Cooke discusses how we are trying to keep clients updated on critical regulatory developments through our blogs, our free online regbite training sessions and the free access to our client portal to all our client base for the rest of 2020.

Modulr’s EU Payments Unlocked Webinar featuring fscom’s Alison Donnelly


Register today for this webinar hosted by Modulr, where fscom‘s Alison Donnelly and other experts as they discuss the future of EU payments on Tuesday 5th May.

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