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Fraudster Hunter: Delivering a strategic advantage to financial organisations to stop fraud at the source

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The adoption and evolution of online banking has historically always brought with it ever-sophisticated forms of fraud, as the current pandemic also demonstrates. Equipped with stolen identity data, automated bots and willing mules, many fraudsters still see their operation as a low-risk, high-profit game, leaving financial institutions to play catch-up. Fraudster Hunter is now changing this dynamic.


This white paper looks at the use of Bionic IDs – unique user profiles based on behavioral biometrics – and rule-based fraud prevention campaigns to identify fraudsters and automatically block their future fraud attempts. It also explains how sophisticated link analysis techniques can help banks’ fraud teams reveal large networks of malicious accounts and freeze out or bring down entire cybercrime rings.

Readers will learn how buguroo’s Fraudster Hunter combines these capabilities to ensure fraudsters can’t shake their permanent digital DNA imprint, enabling banks to:

  • Minimize the impact of fraud on legitimate customers
  • Set honeytraps that can be used to detect and counteract fraudsters’ reconnaissance efforts and attacks against other banking customers
  • Share account registration details, identities and locations with international police to show there are real world consequences to online fraud
  • Make fraud less profitable and riskier for the perpetrators

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