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Entersekt – Five things … that make a great banking app

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Unlike men (according to Thomas Jefferson), all banking apps were not created equal. There is a huge variety of apps (and banks) to choose from; some have a wide range of features, while others struggle to offer even the basics. These days, the “basics” are also not what they used to be. From the home screen to account opening, to loans and investments, what was once considered new and innovative is standard fare. A great banking app may not necessarily be one that has introduced any new ideas; it may do what the others do, but it may do it with much more panache.

To compete with all the other apps out there and earn the honor of a coveted spot on your phone’s home screen, your chosen banking app is going to have to work pretty hard. Just to be considered, it’s going to have to make your life easier, save you time or money (well, both if we’re being honest), give you a personalized experience, and, as an added benefit, be fun to use. In short, a banking app needs to be simple, relevant, and contextual.

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