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The Payments Association finds new member and ambassador in Coinify

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New collaboration with The Payments Association adds Coinify to its community and appoints Coinify Sales Manager as its ambassador

Coinify is honored to become a member of the The Payments Association (Payments Association) and   have Sales Manager, Morten Bebe, chosen as one of the ambassadors in this commercial membership association. Coinify looks forward to developing valuable connections with payments industry influencers and sharing knowledge across the community to help a good cause and advocate for the use of blockchain technology.

Coinify´s Sales Manager Morten Bebe wants to contribute to this mission and provide expertise in the blockchain payment ecosystem: “It is exciting to get listed as member company of the The Payments Association. I believe that as the new Payments Association Ambassador, I can contribute to Payments Association´s vision and help promoting the blockchain technology, which has a great potential to bring along the desired innovation to the payments sector.”


About The Payments Association

The Payments Association is a thriving community of payments professionals whose goals are to strengthen and expand the payments industry to benefit all stakeholders. Since 2004 we have been instrumental in helping to connect the eco-system, encourage innovation and profitable business growth.

We achieve this by shaping a comprehensive programme of activities for over 100 member companies with help from our independent board, which addresses key issues impacting the industry.

These include targeted events, conferences, award ceremonies, critical industry projects and lobbying activities.

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