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Corporate Cards for All Company Payments

by The use of corporate cards is a great way to stay on top of your organizational spending. With dedicated payment cards, your business will be able to set limits and manage how its employees operate the company's funds.

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Corporate Cards for All Company Payments

The use of corporate cards is a great way to stay on top of your organizational spending. With dedicated payment cards, your business will be able to set limits and manage how its employees operate the company’s funds. Additionally, having complimentary software that is integrated with your card program would not only provide great analytical insight into your financial performance but also would allow for real-time tracking of transactions and authorizations, essential for preventing financial mishandling accidents or fraudulent activity. With a well-established corporate card program, SMEs and large enterprises alike will gain the immediate benefit of making their acquisition of goods/services more secure, efficient, and transparent. 

The corporate card program of Wallester Business is perfect for businesses that value comfort and convenience. Wallester’s physical and virtual payment cards, complimented by their innovative card management software, are made for the most efficient administration of your corporate expenses, boosting your financial potential. You can learn more about corporate cards and how they will help you at Wallester Business

Streamline Payments with Wallester Business

Budget in real-time. Being able to keep track of your transactions/authorizations the second they occur enables effortless oversight of your company’s funds, giving you an understanding of how your financial operations could be optimized. 

Enable timely payments. Cut the waiting time for payment confirmations by switching to a corporate card as your primary payment instrument. Instantly equip all of your employees with dedicated cards and their individual limits to enhance the efficiency of your business.

Boost financial awareness. The dashboard of the digital card management platform contains diverse data metrics and statistics for your analytical convenience. Filter through transactions, monitor their status, identify the responsible employee, and much more, empowering your awareness of the current financial state of your business. 

How Your Company Will Benefit from Corporate Cards?

Organize your expenses. Simplify work travel by recording all the corporate spending with corresponding invoices/checks directly into the centralized system of Wallester.

Save your time. Whitelisting of trusted merchants, ability to change PIN codes of your physical cards, automation of the virtual cards issue process through the REST API, and many more time-saving features are available at your convenience with Wallester Business.

Simplify accounting. The automated accounting features available within Wallester Business platform deliver various benefits for your company, such as:

Invoicing. Break free from storing stacks of physical checks and invoices by uploading them directly into the Wallester Business, from where they can be accessed at any given point.

Reporting. Wallester Business is great at optimizing the workflow of your accounting department by providing the ability to export your transactions as ready-to-use financial reports.

How to open your own corporate card program at Wallester?

Here is an easy 5-set guide of what to do:

  1. Register your account.
  2. Provide additional information about your business.
  3. Authenticate your account by completing a standardized KYB procedure, verifying your business and identity.
  4. Familiarize yourself with and accept the user agreement, alongside terms and conditions
  5. Strat issuing corporate cards and taking full advantage of all features included within Wallester Business 

Join Wallester Business now and start your business’ journey of financial optimization. To learn more about the corporate card program, visit Wallester Business.


Corporate Cards for All Company Payments
Article by Wallester

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