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Contis delivers 300,000 plus current accounts as users access the ultimate solution in payments

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Contis, the leading provider of alternative banking, has opened a complete bank and card payments offering to its clients and their customers, delivering the full core payment needs for both its UK and European partners.

Contis has run a fully integrated banking solution for the last eight months in the UK, where clients using its platform and E-money licences have full UK current account capability, using both the banking and Visa networks.

The platform delivers 24×7 faster payments, a fully compliant direct debit capability, international inward and outward payments, and all accounts are identified with the account holder’s name. The provision of personal UK IBANs make inbound International payments seamless, with funds going directly to the customer’s account in real time.

The UK retail offering can also include full mobile banking for Apple and Android devices, and a useful budgeting tool called “Envelopes”, which allows users to ring-fence funds for specific financial needs. The application then automatically releases payments on the due dates via faster payments, standing orders or recurring card payments.

Contis has also targeted the SME and major corporate banking sectors and has on-boarded a variety of users, from global companies wishing to provide employees with salary and expense accounts, to SMEs, who just want a frictionless bank payments capability and the ability to give their employees / departments sub accounts for convenience of control and accountability.

For continental Europe, Contis launched a Beta SPayments Association platform on 7th June, which again links banking and card payments under a single application; all funds are held on the customer’s account and dispensed in real time, 24×7, across 28 countries.  The SPayments Association platform has already been contracted by major brands, who are switching their payment needs to Contis to deliver API integration and frictionless capabilities for the pending ECB faster payments initiative later this year, as well as meeting the requirements of PSD2.

Peter Cox, Chairman of Contis Group concludes: ‘Contis was the first to launch the revolutionary concept of opening a current account online in 4 minutes some 6 years ago, and in the past 12 months alone, we have on boarded over 300,000 current account customers.  Contis owns the technology and is unique as a single platform provider.

Today we rank as one of the leading alternative European banking players, with a business pipeline derived exclusively from recommendations and referrals, from those who know how difficult it is to manage multi-faceted relationship payments platforms’.

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