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Using AI Intelligently: Smart ways to use Artificial Intelligence in Payments

The majority of payments organisations with over 5,000 employees are using some form of AI.

If you are looking for other cost-effective and non-manual ways to satisfy the regulator, then you must read our latest guidebook to find out how to boost revenues by increasing personalisation of your services to your customers and employees, lower costs by improving resource utilisation, and drive growth by reducing risk and optimising processes.

Featuring examples of AI payments solutions and use case studies from banks and other payments firms, download a copy now to hear how…

  • CUBE increased efficiency of compliance processes for a large US bank by 50% by deploying their AI solutions
  • DBS bank reduced staff overhead costs by using AI algorithms to create a human-like experience via their chatbot “Kasistio” which answers routine questions for customers requesting details on their accounts and transactions – a process later replicated by RBC and Garanti Bank
  • The Itemize platform uses AI to reconcile invoice data with POs and other information to decrease manual reconciliation, improve compliance, and automate audit functions

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