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Project Futures – The Impact of New Credit and Lending Services on Payment Service Providers

The Project Futures workshop in June 2019 focused on the impact of new credit and lending services on payment service providers (PSPs).

The focus of the discussion was as follows

• Provide perspective on how innovation and regulation within lending and credit will impact the payments industry and consumers
• How business models will adapt and emerge
• How innovations within lending and credit are impacting global markets and which therefore, have potential to offer tangible benefits at scale over a 3-5-year horizon and beyond
• The barriers that lie ahead.

The half-day workshop was structured around three sessions on:

• The emerging trends and leading organisations driving credit and lending services
• The industry challenges inhibiting innovation within lending and credit
• Developing a roadmap on what success looks like within lending and credit

This report is part of a series of Project Futures reports produced by the The Payments Association. It highlights the content of the discussion, the insights derived and the conclusions drawn. These conclusions highlight the direction of travel for the payments industry as it develops and how the ecosystem will fundamentally change in light of new technologies and innovations.

Thank you to the Benefactor behind this project, FICO, the facilitators, Consult Hyperion, the report author and Payments Association member, Huntswood, and the workshop participants.

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