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The Future Of Payments Regulation – Voices of the Payments Association

It comes as a great honour for Moorwand to sponsor the The Payments Association’s 2020 Voice of Payments whitepaper.

The genesis of this paper was the frustration members felt with the constant evolution of payments regulation with many unintended consequences for our industry peers, and this guide aims to address these issues with practical feedback ahead of the next round of
EU regulation.

Despite the pace of change, Moorwand sees payment regulation as the backbone of its success. Working with our Programme Managers we are able to see how the fast-moving world of payment technology and innovation can be implemented and work efficiently and effectively to unlock value. Moorwand wants its Programme Managers to feel in safe hands so that they can focus on product delivery to their end customers, whilst ensuring compliance throughout. Getting the regulation right is key to this.

Our great contributors consist of not only legal professionals but also leaders of businesses in the forefront of innovation in payments. It wouldn’t have been possible without the depth of knowledge from great industry minds such as Alison Donnelly (fscom and the European Women in Payments Network), Myles Stephenson (Modulr), Mike Chambers (ex-CEO of BACS) and Fabien Ignaccolo (Okay), as well as leading payments lawyers, Chris Hill (Kemp Little) and Giedre Mitkute (Locke Lord). These individuals are using their voices to help facilitate the changes needed within our industry

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