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Project Futures – Managing a Digital Business

The purpose of Project Futures is to provide members of the The Payments Association with insight and thought leadership on new innovations and technological developments, emerging market trends, and the prospective future regulatory landscape in payments.

The Project Futures workshop in July 2018 addressed the digitisation of payments and how to manage digital businesses. The focus of the discussion was to explore the disruptive innovations and technologies that are or will be relevant in shaping and managing digital businesses, the impact that these innovations will have upon the payments ecosystem, and the social and commercial drivers which will enable these innovations to flourish. Our discussions were scoped to consider payments product developments and enabling technologies that are already visible or emerging, and which therefore have potential to offer tangible benefits at scale over a 3-5-year horizon and beyond.

The half-day workshop was structured around four sessions on:

• Technology and regulation trends for digital businesses and structures
• Business and social factors that influence the effective management of digital businesses
• New innovations driving digitisation and the steps to enable their acceptance
• Impact on both consumers and industry of the new digital world

This report is one of a series of four produced by the The Payments Association in 2018. It highlights the content of the discussion, the insights derived and the conclusions drawn. These conclusions highlight the direction of travel for the payments industry as it develops and how the ecosystem will fundamentally change in light of new technologies and innovations.

Thank you to the Benefactor behind this project, FICO, the facilitators and Payments Association Patron, Consult Hyperon, the consultants at Huntswood and the workshop participants.

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