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Navigating the Ocean of Opportunities for Corporate Payment Cards

In this whitepaper, The Payments Association and payment solution provider FIS will explore how the corporate card landscape has reached a transformative moment – one full of change, new challenges, and a wealth of opportunities.

The challenge in front of payment solution providers is how to help businesses implement card programmes in the most cost-effective and seamless way. In a world that’s becoming more digital and complex to navigate by the day, banks, fintechs, processors, vendors and other ecosystem players are finding that collaboration – not competition – is key to raising corporate card awareness and accelerating adoption, for the benefit of everyone.

Find out the ground-breaking technologies, key strategic considerations, and optimal routes to achieving greater corporate card penetration.

Key highlights include:

  • How Open Banking and Challenger banks can disrupt corporate card programmes
  • How integrated platforms and digital functionality will drive more innovation and growth
  • Four key components of an ideal corporate payments programme
  • The common pain points -and opportunities – that all organisations face when examining existing corporate card processes and investigating the solutions that could enhance them
  • The power of like-minded partnerships within the corporate card sector

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