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Ingenico Fighting Fraud Report 2020

We all know that fraud is a threat that never sleeps.

The payments industry, and the merchant and consumer ecosystem it supports, is locked in a relentless battle against the criminals that want to harm businesses and consumers for their own gain. To defend against instore fraud, the entire ecosystem – retailers, acquirers, schemes, technology providers and payment experts – must work collaboratively. In creating the Fighting Fraud Report, we at Ingenico want to foster a spirit of collaboration. We want to start a conversation about fraud, bringing people from across the industry together to share insight and approaches.

It would be impossible to give a totally comprehensive history of instore fraud. However, in this report we have compiled a detailed summary of fraud up to the present, the various solutions that have been developed to tackle it, an explanation of the innovative new technologies being utilised against fraudsters, and how fraud is expected to evolve in the future.

This information will be invaluable to anyone working in the banking and acquiring space today, as well as retailers with physical outlets under threat from criminals. Understanding the evolution of fraud will help you anticipate where the next risks will come from. Reading first-hand accounts of how businesses are utilising innovative technology to combat fraudsters will suggest approaches and solutions that you could implement in your own organisation and with merchant partners.

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