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Helping the financially overlooked with ‘Lifestyle and Values Banking’

Financial inclusion has long been synonymized with the 1.7 bn unbanked across the world. This whitepaper highlights the needs of significant communities beyond the unbanked, who are seeking financial products that accommodate their values and beliefs. Our conservative estimate suggests that over 9 million people in the UK alone fall within this category, which we have defined as the ‘financially overlooked’.

This paper contains our findings from our ‘Lifestyle and Values Banking’ interviews with executives from companies who are catering to consumers by going beyond monetary factors and providing alternative offerings and services and supporting the pillars of equality. Discover the landscape of lifestyle and values banking propositions targeted at those overlooked in society, and how technology, consumer trends, and market forces are reshaping the retail banking industry.

A big thanks to Payments Association Benefactor Mastercard for supporting this whitepaper, and Payments Association scale-up member Algbra for also working with us on this initiative.

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