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Arf launches transactional stablecoin-based working capital credit line for MSBs worldwide

How Arf helps increase remittance flows by using the Stellar network

Opening Merchants to Global Opportunities with Transact365

The changing regulatory landscape for crypto advertising

In this alert, we consider the scope of the strengthened regime and proposed rules, and what they mean for crypto businesses.

Access Latin America through one single integration with Transact365

Following Transact365's recent entry into the Indian market, they are now expanding their coverage and able to provide payments solutions in Latin America. The move enables cross border and local e-commerce transactions through bank transfers and a large number of local payment methods.

Sokin to set up the first singular metaverse world for ecommerce

The global fintech will enable full ecommerce payment transactions for the first time.

EML's Partner CoinJar Becomes The First Financial Conduct Authority Registered Exchange To Launch A Cryptocurrency-to-GBP Debit Mastercard

The EML powered CoinJar Card represents a defining moment for the U.K.'s crypto space.

BCB Group Launches BCB Yield for Returns on Fiat and Crypto Funds

BCB Group, Europe’s leading provider of business accounts and trading services for the digital asset economy, today announced the launch of BCB Yield, a product that lets customers earn a return on both fiat or crypto funds.

Better than Tether : ARYZE Digital Cash

Full reserve stablecoins will revolutionise the stablecoin market. ARYZE Digital Cash is the closest thing to a CBDC without it being issued by a central bank. Learn more about how ARYZE is planning to revolutionise the entire payments industry, using their full-reserve stablecoin as a main component of this worldwide strategy.

Press release - A New Era for Money: Green Paper outlines a digital future for the pound

There are over a billion emerging market consumers. We explain how to access them.

When considering the top examples of disruptive technology set to transform businesses in 2022, the metaverse and blockchain no doubt rank high in the minds of most people. While these technologies will have a profound and enduring impact on society, we should not let this overshadow the impact certain B2B platforms are having in actively transforming businesses. Global payment gateways and payment services providers (PSPs) are deploying new payment technologies to ensure merchants can access new markets once considered out of reach... 

Transact365 introduces seamless cross border payments in India

By using our gateway solution, merchants can now access new opportunities in India without having to form local payment partnerships or establish an Indian company. This move ensures merchants have access to over one billion Indian-based consumers enabling them to pay faster in a familiar way. This launch in India is the first in a series of big market expansions planned for 2022. Having already expanded into Europe, Asia and Australia, our payment gateway system ensures merchants of all sizes and sectors can access fast-growing markets seamlessly and quickly. 

The Precision of Tech - Fine Margins of Error...

Boarding new merchants from a sales perspective is both an art and a science. The art of sales is a well-trodden field with numerous different approaches. We see it in every industry with experts imparting their advice on Youtube, reality television programmes and even in our everyday lives where we all try to employ our own techniques to get what we want. The science or the “precision of tech” is the key to unlocking conversions, reducing fraud, and complying with the ever-changing rules and regulations surrounding the industry...

Sutor Bank Joins BCB Group

BCB Group, Europe’s leading provider of business accounts and trading services for the digital asset economy, is delighted to announce today that Max Heinr. Sutor oHG (Sutor Bank) is joining the group. Adding a fully licensed bank to the group will enable BCB Group to better service its clients in the EU and drive growth across its business lines.

Why the metaverse will go far beyond Meta

The gaming industry is proving that the desired metaverse is one that is decentralized in terms of control but hyperconnected for easy transfer of value between platforms. Having become accustomed to a plethora of units of value, and their extreme portability, today's gamers will not welcome a centralized institution locking their value inside any particular system such as Facebook's virtual world. Flash forward where banks and digital banking make all units of value portable too... imagine: - crypto into consumers' digital wallets - holding cash as central bank digital currency. By 2030, 60% of global consumers will have made a transaction using a unit of value other than a fiat currency.

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