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How Emerging Fintech Markets are catching up to the Western World

Open Your Mind to Open Banking

Newly launched TPP Verification by Salt Edge consolidates security, exactly as PSD2 requires

Tink and PostNord ushering in a new era for open banking payments across Europe

Mass adoption for open banking payments is already happening in the Nordics – and our new partnership with PostNord Strålfors is only driving it home, bringing seamless invoice payments to millions of consumers across the region. Read more about the partnership – and why we believe it has the potential to usher in a new era for payments across Europe.

The Big Winners Of Open Banking

Open Banking is taking the financial industry by storm, and the rising competition is driving the adoption of the technology by PSPs, merchants, fintechs, and consumers.

Open banking evolves into open finance

Expect open banking to become a more global conversation in 2022. According to Bottomline General Manager and Director, Payments Ed Adshead-Grant, in the UK Open Banking will pick up increased adoption among businesses and consumer communities.

An Post and Tink team up to simplify money management for Irish customers

In a big step for Tink in the Irish market, we're joining forces with postal giant An Post to give its customers the power to better manage their money. With the An Post Money Manager app, users can keep track of their spending and set achievable savings goals.

EML's Impressive New Gaming Proposition Allows Operators To Create A Seamless, Secure And Cost-effective Customer Journey

EML's loyalty proposition for gaming operators creates revenue.

Let's Talk More About Virtualisation and Sandboxes

In computing, the ability to isolate processes and the resources those processes can access has been a remarkable feature, making software solutions more secure than they used to be. Of course, this concept of isolation is not new. It has been around for a while, with applications standing the test of time by providing continuous outstanding security benefits to users of computing devices. In this post, as a homage to such technology, we will discuss how virtualisation and sandboxes have provided sound isolation on computing devices.


Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) is racing into 2022 firing on all cylinders, and according to Insider Intelligence, is expected to keep growing at pace and will reach $680 billion in transaction volume worldwide by 2025. The promise of impending regulation, and the need to balance oversight with consumer protection, will see the emergence of new innovative solutions and business models. As competition heats up and new players enter the market, banks will naturally get in on the action to protect their market share. Let’s look at four trends that will disrupt the BNPL industry.

What's new at Ordo?

The Ordo Open Banking payments platform already supports white label billing, paying by instalments, QR code PoS and eCommerce. New for 2022 is Enhanced Account Verification and Variable Recurring Payments.

One Growth Strategy Will Transform Financial Services: Bank Fintech Partnerships

Until recently, banks didn’t need to change, until the digital evolution unfolded and customers began to expect innovation and immediacy. It’s natural for banks and fintechs to view one another as competitors. However, a partnership between these two types of entities unlocks immense benefits.


Virtual IBAN and corporate account provider Monneo, has formally announced its partnership with Kantox, a global leader in currency management automation software. The partnership will give Monneo’s customers additional flexibility when managing outgoing payments.

Looking Back on Our 2021 Predictions

With one more year behind us, it’s around this time that we usually assess the market to make predictions for what will come over the next year. Last year, at around this same time, we did just this: posting our predictions for 2021. But before we jump into looking at what 2022 will bring, we first want to review the predictions we made last year to see how accurate they were and what major trends we missed.

NatWest, Cogo and Tink: a three-way partnership to boost sustainability

- NatWest brought Tink and Cogo together to launch a carbon tracking solution in their mobile banking app. - The feature works by combining Tink’s financial data enrichment technology with Cogo’s proprietary platform to create carbon tracking insights for users. - After a successful collaboration, Tink and Cogo joined forces to help more banks bring similar solutions to market.

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