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Formation of the UK Industry Digital Currencies Coordination Group

DECTA and Entrust Corporation Launch a New 2-in-1 Payment Card Digitization & Processing Service

Nium Unveils Industry Predictions for 2022

Nium, a leader in global payments and card issuance for businesses, today unveiled its predictions report for 2022, examining the latest trends in regulation, crypto, travel, and global payments. Explore Nium’s seven predictions across three key areas including: Regulation: Regulators are taking notice of new payments methods such as cryptocurrencies and Buy Now, Pay Later methods Travel: As travel returns to pre-pandemic volumes, the industry will look to fintech to drive revenue Global Payments: New technology infrastructure is the emerging theme across major industries; payments particularly will transform to cater to evolved consumer behavior.

Are you Ready for 2022?

2022 could be the most unpredictable recovery year in decades. Are you ready? Periods of recovery that follow recessions can often trigger more abrupt shifts in FX rates than usually experienced Plan ahead with the ultimate guide for companies navigating currency volatility and scenario planning. Find out about:  The global outlook for the year ahead includes the economic recovery and the long-term impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Market themes such as the green economy, post-Brexit trade and the dangers of underestimating inflation.  FX forecasts covering the major currencies including USD, EUR, GBP and AUD.  Risk management make future cash flows more predictable and potentially gain a competitive advantage against other businesses who may leave themselves exposed to currency risk. Download the report > https://bit.ly/3EkWEiJ

Global Trade Tracker Report

Benchmarking 2021 financial plans against recent economic trends is one strategy, but if you could access a forward-looking, predictive view of the economic landscape…would that give you the competitive edge? Imagine having the power to track and forecast the future outlook for cross border trading. Our new Global Trade Tracker Report delivers predictive business data that provides greater clarity on economic events likely to impact global trade and your business. Get it now >

Debunking Myths that may be hindering your global expansion

Today, the imperative is to innovate. The market is going through changes in regulations and consumer behaviour and grappling with new expectations, new technologies and new protagonists. Growth is expected, yet it is a time of change that requires organisations to be flexible and ready to act quickly. How can businesses benefit from these opportunities? In this white paper, Karen Penney, UK VP of Payment Products at Western Union Business Solutions, will debunk some myths that could be preventing your business from becoming more flexible and expanding globally.

eBook: It’s Time to Take Your Business Global

Over the past 18 months e-commerce has become a lifeline, not just a convenience – both for businesses and consumers alike. This has amplified the importance of digital payments and the ability to transact seamlessly across borders. Find out what you need to know to take your business global and why now is the time to do it, download our eBook.

SWIFT gpi: Is it the API that will revolutionise the future of global payments?

Learn more about how Currencycloud harnesses the benefits of SWIFT gpi for its users.

Cross Border Payments For Cross Border Merchants: An Internationally ‘Local’ Future

Consumer demand for fast, frictionless, and low-cost international transactions has necessitated an increasingly global payments landscape. This shift presents many opportunities, but also many challenges, particularly for small and medium-sized merchants that want to expand into new territories. Our research reveals the pain points for merchants that trade internationally.

Beyond Payments - Five proven strategies to achieve cross-border e-commerce growth

In this paper, we reveal how new payment technology and evolving PSP relationships can be used to deliver five powerful payment strategies that will ensure crossborder success for business growth.

Brexit and Prepaid Products - Outcomes and Opportunities

The Payments Association and the Prepaid International Forum are continuing to lobby to preserve passporting for UK firms but have also conducted research into options should a hard Brexit become reality. Robert Courtneidge, Global Head of Cards & Payments at Locke Lord LLP and founder of the Prepaid International Forum, discusses here the research’s findings and the options for prepaid firms.

Passport to the Future - Options for regulated companies if the UK loses passporting rights

This report provides members of the Payments Association and the wider FinTech community with a guide to use if the UK’s departure from the EU denies them passporting rights. While likely to have a negative impact on its economy, the report shows that there are alternatives that payments companies based in the UK can go to ensure Brexit’s negative impact on payments companies is minimised.

European Commission key facts on cross-border consumer finance in Europe

Key facts on cross-border consumer finance in Europe

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