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The Payment's Association's guide to Strong Customer Authentication

Payments Association response to DCMS consultation on digital identity

Financial Crime, Payment Fraud and the Role of Digital Identity

This paper provides an overview of the current landscape, emerging threats and insights into how fraud controls can be improved.

Customer Disputes – A review of Chargebacks and Double Credits - An Payments Association Whitepaper

This whitepaper sheds light on the unprecedented and sudden rise in customers claiming double refunds or ‘double credits’ through chargebacks and alternative avenues, particularly from the travel, hospitality, and entertainment sectors due to the pandemic. The paper identifies best practices and makes a series of recommendations on how to improve the customer dispute process for all stakeholders in the payments value chain.

Digital identity in the UK December 2020

This document summarises activity in the UK digital identity marketplace. It covers HMG’s (UK Government) latest steps towards digital identity, HMG digital identity schemes and identity standards in the UK.

The Payments Association’s Guidebook to Digital Identification and Authentication

This guide explains what identification and authentication are, presenting an overview of the technologies that can help you. It also arms you with key questions to put to suppliers when determining which solutions will meet your needs best.

Project Futures report - The Fight Against Fraud and Financial Crime

This report discusses the fight against fraud and financial crime. It makes the case for increased investment in technology systems and greater centralisation and consolidation of department responsibilities. The content of this report draws on discussions at a workshop organised by the Payments Association.

Ingenico Fighting Fraud Report 2020

This report provides a detailed summary of fraud up to the present, the various solutions that have been developed to tackle it, an explanation of the innovative new technologies being utilised against fraudsters, and how fraud is expected to evolve in the future.

Risk Assessment Guidance Document

The guide describes an AML risk assessment and why is it necessary. It describes an ‘EnterpriseWide Risk Assessment (EWRA)’ and a ‘Customer Risk Assessment (CRA)’. It then makes the case for why and how often a risk assessment should be conducted.

Three years on from Bangladesh

In this report SWIFT examines the trends observed over the course of 2018 and 2019, showcasing how both business and security information can utilise tell-tell signs, and become key in detecting and responding to attempted attacks.

Facing up to Financial Crime

Analysis of payments-related financial crime and how to minimise its impact on the UK In association with Barclays, Refinitiv and a syndicate of Payments Association members

Why your PSP should be your best defence against fraud

This report examines the challenges facing merchants when it comes to fraud prevention, and explores the methods they can utilise in order to implement a successful fraud strategy.

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