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Noda Pay

Noda is a platform to provide Open Banking services, from personal finance management to online payments for e-commerce.

Noda exists at the forefront of technological progress, already offering API connectivity, access to Open Banking, and a real time hassle-free bank payment processing, cutting out the intermediaries.

Noda enables an ultimate new way for online merchants to accept payments online, and receive direct bank payments instantly from e-customers via the Noda Pay smart button. As well as provides online merchants with an opportunity to offer their clients an intuitive payment UX for lower fees.

Noda offers:

  • Optimum payment success rate
  • Superb transaction speed
  • Low commission fees
  • Open-banking based financial apps for end-users


Interview with Anastasia Tenca, COO Noda Pay

Noda was launched in a private beta mode in Summer 2021. Company’s core area is Open Banking solutions for online services. Noda focuses on direct communication with online merchants, and instantly searches for new ways to apply Open Banking technologies in different fields to help e-commerce businesses grow and evolve. During the first year, we grew the team from 5 to 20 people, contracted with the first few merchants and polished the technologies and processes. As we see the increasing demand and specter of possible Open Banking applicability, we keep growing the muscles on product and sales expertise, with a high attention to both merchants and end-users online experience. For the moment, we quite fully covered our UK and European connections. So we are currently active in two areas: Expanding the geography of connections - this year we plan to connect to the banks in Canada, Australia, and ASEAN countries. Next year, as soon as local banks are ready - USA, Latin America, Africa Optimization of “Sign in via Bank” functionality - we are actively exploring technological and legal opportunities to increase the value of the service for merchants by providing them with the functions of benchmarking potential customers based on financial information. This will allow us to offer the most relevant products and services in the future, and optimize the Customer Experience for end-users.

Noda Pay: What businesses need to know about open banking

Open Banking is the concept of sharing banking information outside the bank. Historically, data and actions with funds are only available to the funds owner and his bank. Open banking introduces the concept of the Banking Consent, when the funds owner allows some third party provider (TPP) to read his bank's data - such as account information, balances transactions, etc.There is also a payment initiation option, which allows TPP’s to create new payment methods without any intermediaries - such as card schemes (Visa, Mastercard) and wallets (PayPal, AliPay).

Noda Go is up and running. Why Does it Matter?

Well, Noda Go makes it possible to register a user and fully verify their bank details, and even receive a payment/deposit, in just a few clicks. Noda Go is lightning fast and very easy to use. Our solution means the user doesn’t need to fill out loads of details because we receive all the necessary data directly from the bank. That means your client can quickly and safely spend money on their favorite service.


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