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DECTA is a global processing company, a provider of integrated services for payment processing, online acquiring, and payment card issuing. Being the principal member of Visa and Mastercard networks, DECTA offers services to banks, payment service providers, and corporate clients with more than 2000 customers across 27 countries. DECTA is a group of companies offering a complete line of payment card issuing and acquiring services. DECTA provides the technological infrastructure for Visa/Mastercard members as a certified 3rd party processor offering the latest payment processing technology to Banks and Fintechs in Europe. As a direct Visa/Mastercard Acquirer and Issuer, DECTA offers its merchants the best possible service level and optimized fees through  full control over each payment starting with technical connection to Visa/Mastercard networks, payment technical processing, payment gateway, and ending with funds settlement between Visa/Mastercard and the Merchant.



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