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The Insights Interview with Myles Stephenson, CEO of Modulr

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This month we are joined by a hugely experienced payments entrepreneur and a fiercely loyal champion of Scottish Fintech, CEO of Modulr, Myles Stephenson.

Myles has already set up and sold one of the most successful prepaid companies in Europe, CorporatePay. Being a glutton for punishment, he then set up another payments firm that is growing rapidly. Discover what still motivates Myles after 17 years in payments, as well as his ‘success secrets’.

Then hear Myles discuss how we can all influence change for the better. He explains how we should be seeking to build on what we achieved to open up settlement accounts at the Bank of England to non-banks five years ago. He shares his personal views on how well institutions such as the Bank of England and the PSR are regulating and managing payment systems in the UK. And he explains what he hopes to achieve as a part of the EPA’s Sprint Omnibus that is producing a Green Paper called, A New Era for GBP: Progressive Applications for Omnibus Settlement Accounts and Stablecoins in the UK.

So get the inside track from another of the UK’s leading payments entrepreneurs in this month’s 30- minute Insights Interview.