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The Insights Interview with Bruce Lowthers, President of FIS

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This month’s Insights Interview features the President of FIS, a financial technology company, which has more than 50,000 employees and also named to Fortune’s 500 2021 Most Admired Company list.

Bruce Lowthers was the former Chairman of the Board for American Transaction Processors Coalition (ATPC) and Payments 20 (P20). Having served over 13 years at FIS and holding a number of executive roles at the company before becoming President, he shares his story on the evolution of the payments industry and explains why he much rather prefers the progressive innovator that the industry is becoming now rather than the good old days.

In his current role, his responsibilities expand widely across the company’s business segments, including Banking, Merchant, and Capital Markets. With this huge role he has at a company recognised as a leading fintech provider, find out what truly motivated him to excel in his career, how he managed to run a billion-dollar ‘start up’, and also his strategy for positioning FIS at a more global level.