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The Insights Interview with Bank of England’s Victoria Cleland

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For this month’s Insights Interview, we are joined by an influential payments leader who is responsible for the operational and strategic development of the Bank of England system services, the wholesale banking operations as well as the Bank’s Fintech Hub – Executive Director for Banking, Payments and Innovation, Victoria Cleland.

With Victoria’s long and successful career working at the Bank, holding a variety of senior positions during her time there, it’s fascinating to hear the significant changes she has witnessed at the institution since her first role as a graduate and the advancements made over the last 20+ years. She also shares some exclusive insights on the next generation of RTGS as well as on diversity and inclusion within the industry.

Her personal resilience, strategic leadership, and ability to drive innovation in the banking industry have cultivated a successful track record of achievements, including her leadership in replacing paper banknotes with polymer in the UK. Watch the interview to find out the biggest challenges she experienced within her roles, the key incentive that has made her stay in the Bank for so long, and her top tips as an industry role model for someone who wishes to follow in her footsteps.