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Septembers Insights Interview with Rachelle St. Ledger, CEO of EML Australia

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Our VIP guest for this month’s Insights Interview is Rachelle St Ledger, CEO of EML Australia.

Rachelle is a no-nonsense, strong-minded people leader. With experience in the European and Australian markets, Rachelle talks about how the current macro-economic situation is positively and negatively impacting the payments sector and the pressures fintechs are facing.

The EML CEO believes the digital transformation trend will not be stalled by inflation or a recession. She notes that Australia is tipped to move away from cash by 2025, because there has been a 40% drop in cash payments between March and May 2022, while digital payments have risen by 41% during the same period. As such, Rachelle points out that companies should be watching payment trends in Australia, because the country’s economy allows it to move fast and be an early adopter of new payment methods.

Tony and Rachelle discuss a range of topics, including the economic factors impacting the industry, EML’s approach to the three areas of GPR, the growing influence of digital and borderless payments, the right kind of risk framework to prevent authorised push payment fraud and the government’s role in educating consumers.