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19th November 2024

etc.venues, 155 Bishopsgate

Explore some freely available insights and learnings from the previous year.

Fireside chat Synthetic data – The missing link in using AI to fight financial crime | The Payments Association

Tune in for this expert discussion between Kellyann Ripner, COO and Co-Founder, FinCrime Dynamics, and Jane Jee, Project Financial Crime Lead and Company Secretary at Numitor on the potential of synthetic data including:

  • What is synthetic data, and what are the use cases for the payments industry?
  • Risks and opportunities for using AI in fighting financial crime
  • Avenues for further collaboration using AI and synthetic data to strengthen financial institutions defences.

Jane Jee, Project Financial Crime Lead, The Payments Association interview with Siobhain Ivers, Director, Global Compliance, Etsy.

Join both as they discuss:

  • Trends in fraud and scams that consumers should be alert to
  • What is good practice when we talk about collaboration
  • What regulatory developments and tech advances have the greatest impact in tackling financial crime
  • How financial crime will evolve


Visit: Fireside Chat: Jane Jee & Siobhan Ivers | The Payments Association >>

Francisco Mainez, Project Financial Crime Member, The Payments Association interview with Erica Stanford, Author, Crypto Wars 

Join both as they discuss:

  1.  The lessons that can be drawn from some of the behind-the-scenes stories in Erica’s book Crypto Wars
  2. The main financial crime risks associated with cryptocurrencies and how this has evolved over time
  3. What impact regulation will have on cryptocurrencies
  4. If crypto will ever become mainstream

Visit: Fireside Chat: Francisco Mainez & Erica Stanford | The Payments Association >>

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