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19th November 2024

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Agenda for Financial Crime 360 2023

We’re working hard on the 2024 agenda, which we will release soon. In the meantime, take a look at 2023’s agenda to get an idea of the quality of topics we cover.

Financial Crime 360 2023

Tuesday 21st November 2023, London

Please note the agenda is still being finalised and some topics may be subject to change.


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Siddharth Venkataramakrishnan, Banking and Fintech Correspondent, Financial Times



It’s criminal: Why we ignore financial crime at our peril!

  • How is the cost-of-living crisis impacting financial crime?
  • Why streamlining AML could be the key to tackling financial crime.
  • Going beyond technology – why we need a radical change on process.

Lord Mayor, Michael Mainelli


HEADLINE: The future of payments & fraud

  • Over the last few years, we have witnessed a significant shift in consumer behaviour towards digital. The rapid advances in technology have changed the way we spend, manage our money and live our lives.
  • Unsurprisingly, where consumers spend and move money, criminals follow. And so, as e-commerce has increased, so has fraud. 
  • However, AI is changing everything – both increasing the risk of fraud, but also transforming how we protect every stage of the payments ecosystem.


Natalie Kelly, Chief Risk Officer, Visa


KEYNOTE PANEL: Walk softly but carry a big stick – the regulatory perspective.

  • What is the collective plan to reduce financial crime?
  • What regulatory actions can we expect in 2024?
  • An update on the PSR’s work on APP scams


Jane Jee, Project Financial Crime Lead, The Payments Association (moderator)

Andrew Wigston, Head of Financial Crime, Financial Conduct Authority

Kate Fitzgerald, Head of Policy, Payment Systems Regulator

Helen Fairfax-Wall, Head of Digital and Fraud Policy, Which

Dan Mount, Principle for Online Safety, Ofcom


HOST BANK PARTNER: Raising Standards

  • Careful and considerate client selection
  • The importance of CDD and KYC
  • Thinking and acting with Fraud in mind
  • The importance of EDD- using a risk-based approach


Pete Bridge, MD, Head of Financial Crime Execution, Barclays Corporate and Investment Bank


FIN-CRIME Townhall:

A no-holds-barred analysis of the latest measures by the government and views on the effectiveness of efforts to tackle financial crime

Kathryn Westmore, Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Financial Crime and Security Studies (moderator)

Anthony Brown, MP & Anti-Fraud Champion,

Oliver Prill, Chief Executive Officer, Tide

Riccardo Tordera, Head of Policy & Government Relations, The Payments Association



Walking the tightrope as an MLRO:

  • Are you stopping legitimate business from taking place by putting up too many barriers?
  • Understanding the risk/reward of a client – what is the true cost of maintaining that relationship?
  • How are organisations setting up their line of defence and what is the appropriate escalation path?
  • How should you be integrating AML to drive your business?


Richard Ahern, Managing Director, Head of Financial Crime, Barclays Bank (moderator)

Victoria Preece, Project Financial Crime Member, The Payments Association

Adrian Quigley, Director of Economic Crime Risk, Santander

Bernadette Smith, Director of Financial Crime Risk & MLRO, Starling Bank

Ryan Sutton, Director, Deloitte


FIRESIDE CHAT: Leveraging the Network’ – A collaborative approach to mitigating APP scams and Mules in the UK

Richard Luff, Vice President, Financial Crimes, Mastercard

Paul Davis, Director of Fraud Prevention, TSB



To go far, go together: Partnering in the fight against financial crime.

  • What is the current landscape on data sharing and collaboration?
  • How can partnerships be meaningfully operationalised to drive down financial crime?
  • What should be done to increase consumer awareness of scams, their responsibilities and prevent abuse of the system?
  • Which technologies and controls do you feel offer the greatest protection and should be prioritised from an investment perspective?


Ruth Evans, Chair, Stop Scams UK (moderator)

Chris Oakley, Head of Fraud, Form3

Siobhan Ivers, Senior Director & Deputy Chief Compliance Officer, Etsy Inc.

Brian Webb, Head of Consumer Security, BT Group

Paul Davis, Director of Fraud Prevention, TSB

David Capezza, Vice President for Ecosystem Risk, Visa




1. The link between scheme rules and financial crime

  • Do scheme rules help firms meet their regulatory obligations and what can we learn to ensure PSD3 success?


Moderator: Neil Turner, Project Financial Crime Member, The Payments Association


2. Identifying human trafficking risks through AML

  • Discussing ways in which CDD, transaction monitoring and other AML processes can help firms identify risks of money laundering the proceeds of human trafficking crime.


Moderator: Alia Mahmud, Project Financial Crime Member, The Payments Association


Track A


Chair: Sarah Jordan, Project Financial Crime Member, The Payments Association

Track B


Chair: Francisco Mainez, Project Financial Crime Member, The Payments Association

Fin-Crime Lab:

Unmissable interactive experience that will change the way you think about financial crime 


DEEP DIVE: How are customers ever going to safely navigate in this ever-complicated world?

  • What is the true impact of financial crime on victims?
  • Is the sector doing the right thing by customers?
  • How effective is financial crime communications and how can we make our messaging universal?
  • What impact does consumer duty regulation have on AML compliance?


Sarah Jordan, Project Financial Crime Member, The Payments Association (moderator)

Nick Perkins, Head of Fraud Prevention, NatWest

David McKay, Finanical Crime Risk & Control Manager, HSBC Innovations Banking 

Chad Reimers, Head of Fraud and Identity Solutions, TransUnion UK

Martina King, CEO, Featurespace

FIRESIDE CHAT: Securing tomorrow’s payments: AML Challenges & Innovations

  • How are payments methods evolving, and what are the key trends shaping the future of payments?
  • What new challenges are surfacing in the realm of anti-money laundering (AML) and financial crime prevention, specifically in the context of the rapidly evolving landscape of payment methods and technologies?
  • What role do emerging technologies, such as AI, play in enhancing both the capabilities and strategies for AML and financial crime prevention efforts?


Annegret Funke, Senior Manager, PwC

Nick Portalski, Chief Technology Officer, Napier

FIN-CRIME LAB: Investigating ‘Carding’ & Fraud on the Dark Web & Telegram

  • See first-hand how robust the illicit credit card fraud/carding ecosystem is. 
  • Learn how marketplaces selling stolen credit cards and cards operate.
  • How do criminals’ profit from the process of ‘carding’?


Keven Hendricks, Cyber Crime, Former FBI and DEA



Prepare for what’s next in financial crime

  • How will deep fakes, Bot attacks and internal fraud shape the industry in the next 12 months?
  • What part will AI, quantum computing and ChatGPT play?
  • How do you determine your risk appetite for emerging payment methods like crypto?


Francisco Mainez, Project Financial Crime Member, The Payments Association (moderator)

Mike Hayley, Chief Executive Officer, CIFAS

Alasdair Macfarlane, Head of Fraud Technology, NatWest

Erica Stanford, Author, Crypto Wars

Marc Corbalan, Head of Global RTP, Risk Analytics, Visa


DEEP DIVE: Leveraging collective intelligence for fraud prevention and detection

  • What are the mechanisms in place for sharing data in real time and how is this approach generating insights and improving decision making?
  • How can we operationalise and minimise existing data sharing partnerships?
  • How much opportunity for preventing financial crime is lost through data and technical challenges caused by legacy architecture?
  • How do we leverage technologies to accelerate economic crime prevention roadmaps, share data and insights across industry and bring solutions to bear in real-time transaction processing?


Ryan Platt, Project Finanical Crime Member, The Payments Association (moderator)

Mehtaj Syed, Vice President Global Client Engagement Lead, Liink by J.P.Morgan

Jonathan Williams, Payments Specialist, Payment Systems Regulator

Ed Towers, Head of Regtech & Advanced Analytics, FCA

Senan Moloney, Global Head of Cyber Fraud Fusion, Barclays


FIN-CRIME LAB: The 7 deadly sins of social engineering

  • Learn how criminals use social engineering to attack your business
  • Understand the triggers criminals will use in order to get you to do things for them
  • Examine all the ways of mitigating social engineering attacks


Tony Sales, Founder, WeFightFraud

BIG PICTURE: Financial crime through an ESG Lens
  • To what extent should you be thinking about your client’s impact on ESG related risk?
  • Who are your third parties from an ESG lens?
  • To what extent are we going to see traditional financial crime, fraud and AML risk collide with ESG-what are the biggest opportunities?


Chryssi Chorafa, Project Financial Crime Member, The Payments Association (moderator)

Dr Mario Menz, Advisory Board Member, Institute of Money Laundering Prevention Officers

Ronya Naim, MLRO and Head of Financial Crime Compliance, ClearBank




HOT TOPIC: Organised crime vs disorganised compliance

  • How do you prepare for new areas of risk and in real-time?
  • Where should you be investing and prioritising your resources?
  • The Ecosystem – who owns the risk?
  • How do you select and integrate automated AML solutions for KYB, KYC onboarding and leverage technology to manage risk and fraud?


Mitch Trehan, Advisory Board Mentor for Financial Crime, The Payments Association (moderator) 

Kevin Penter, Head of FinCrime Compliance, Barclays 

Debbie Grant, SVP Global Fraud, Citi 

Alia Mahmud, Regulatory Affairs Practice Lead, ComplyAdvantage   

Sam Wilks, Regional Director, Jumio 

PANEL: Fraud: where are the points of weakness?

  • Managing the impact of the new APP fraud scheme and how intelligence and behavioural analytics can help
  • How are criminals using new technologies to undermine traditional controls?
  • What are we seeing from a fraud perspective – are we adding the right amount of friction?
  • How can we enhance fraud data and checks in the payment journey?
  • What is happening globally?


Kathryn Westmore Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Financial Crime and Security Studies (Moderator)

Aaron-Elliott-Gross, Director, Group Head of Financial Crime and Fraud, Revolut

Graham Mott, Director of Strategy, Link

Philipp Pointer, Chief Digital Identity, Jumio

Taavi Tamkivi, Founder & CEO, Salv


Joanna Wands, Financial Crime Project Member, The Payments Association (moderator) 

Nick Sharp, Director of Fraud, National Economic Crime Centre

John Roch, Detective Superintendent, Head of Economic Crime, Metropolitan Police



Tulip Siddiq MP, Shadow Economic Secretary to the Treasury and City Minister

Riccardo Tordera, Head of Policy & Government Relations, The Payment Association 


PANEL: The convergence of sanctions risk

  • What are the regulatory expectations in relation to sanctions risk management?
  • Where are the touch points in your business that will impact your from a sanction’s perspective?
  • How should we interpret legislation in relation to associated persons and ownership percentage-what is good practice?


Sara George, Project Financial Crime Member, The Payments Association (moderator)

Chloe Cina, Head of Global Sanctions Advisory, Deutsche Bank

Laura Brown, Head of Enforcement Strategy, Office of Financial Sanctions Implementation

Arber Koci, Director, Deloitte

FIRESIDE CHAT: Digital identity: Where are we going?

  • How are we mapping out the overall data footprint – what sources should we be relying on?
  • What progress has been made and what is the impact on Customer Due Dilligence?
  • When is the most appropriate time to use biometrics and how should it be layered?
  • What are the ICO guidance on biometrics identity-what does good look like in terms of remote onboarding and enrolment?


Alison McDowell, Project Financial Crime Member, The Payments Association (moderator)

Charles Kerrigan, Advisory Board Member, The Investment Association 

Andrew Churchill, Project Financial Crime Member, The Payments Association

Carol Buttle, Head of certification, assurance and security, DSIT