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Orenda Finance is a one-stop embedded financial services ecosystem. Using a no-code, low code approach, Orenda offers embedded financial products and services that provide a host of benefits without substantial development overheads and create new revenue streams.


The Benefits of Serverless FinTech

In the past decade, we have seen an exciting shift in the finance industry, with innovative technology-based thinking now being more prominent than ever before. One of the new technologies is serverless FinTech, which enables businesses to add more offerings to their portfolios and simplify daily operations. This article summarises some of the key benefits of serverless FinTech that you should know about.

Virtual IBANs: What Are They and How Can They Benefit Your Business?

Recent improvements in payment technology have led to breakthroughs in cross-border payments, where businesses can expand into new, international markets. One of these breakthrough technologies is virtual IBANs, which are fast becoming an integral part of embedded finance. But what they are, and how they can benefit your business?

Low-Code vs. No-Code Embedded Finance: What’s the Difference and Which Should You Choose?  

There are a lot of new terms floating around in the world of FinTech and embedded finance, not least no-code and low-code, as more businesses start to move away from the traditional fully coded route to offering bespoke financial services. This article demystifies everything you need to know about the similarities, differences, and which approach you should opt for to create new revenue streams and better serve your customers.

What Should Businesses Know About the No-Code Route To Embedded Finance?

Not long ago, providers offered embedded banking services as long as you could connect to their API. Now, the solution is much easier and more innovative than ever: no-code embedded finance. This article summarises why it's a solution taking the FinTech market by storm.

Sumsub Partners With Orenda

Orenda Finance is always looking for ways to improve customer experience, which is why they're thrilled to announce that they are continuing to expand Orenda’s thriving marketplace with yet another exciting partnership. Already trusted by over 1000 clients, Sumsub has partnered with Orenda as a KYC/KYB vendor to support the quick and seamless onboarding of end customers onto Orenda client’s programs and platforms.

The Future of Banking Infrastructure

As emerging technology continues to transform the way businesses and consumers spend their money and manage their finances, the future of banking looks to be bright, innovative and accessible. This article explores how new core banking platforms are innovating the sector.


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