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Okay provides SaaS single device transaction security and second factor authentication, in full compliance with PSD2 SCA requirements.

We provide:

  • A PSD2 compliant security solution to issuing banks and card issuers
  • Frictionless and transparent experience to end-users
  • Out-of-band payment challenge through smartphones
  • Disruptive cost with low TCO and fast deployment
  • A simple yet strong second factor authentication method to all fintech apps that require more than credentials.


The Future of Payments: Augmented or Ubiquitous?

Facebook recently announced that they were changing their name to Meta. The main reason? To “recast the company’s public image from battered-social-network to tech innovator, focused on building the next generation of online interaction”. Will this move have an impact on the future of global payments? Will these payments take place within virtual reality? Is there another trend that better predicts the future? Let’s take a look.

M-commerce and the Single Device Experience

While some may say m-commerce has simply piggybacked on the overall e-commerce “boom”, this really isn’t the case: m-commerce has actually overtaken desktops, the traditional king of e-commerce, to become the reigning form of online payments. Yet a mobile-first world has some implications for issuers when it comes to payments - let’s dig in.

An EU Digital Identity eWallet - the Next Step After PSD2?

Back in January, CEO Fabien Ignaccolo wrote a post on our 2021 predictions for SCA. Among the predictions was a future PSD3 enabling SCA for the non-banking industry, as well as an expectation for a renewed focus on Digital Identity. While PSD3 is still on the horizon, there has actually been more of a significant movement in the eID sphere.

Future-proof Security

Covid-19 changed many things, including the security landscape. Remote work and the onslaught of digital services that accompanied it brought a digital transformation the world was not expecting. While it has affected the way people work in many positive ways, it has also led them to be more vulnerable to cyber attacks. To minimise this risky exposure and establish a new benchmark for protection, it’s time companies dig deep into the conversation of future-proof security.

Banking-as-a-Service in 2021: the SCA Dilemma

Banking as a Service (BaaS) refers to the services and tools that allow financial institutions to adapt to the current digital banking shift. BaaS providers are the ones that build the web and mobile applications for these institutions so that customers may access their accounts digitally. But has this environment changed since the release of PSD2? Absolutely - let’s take a look.

Payment Trend Updates for June 2021

Okay is mainly concerned about security and Strong Customer Authentication. However, that doesn't prevent us from taking part in industry conferences or being a member of industry groups. In this blog, we take a look at a few of the hot topics that have been on the discussion table over the past year, with some insight as to where they may be headed.


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