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Okay provides SaaS single device transaction security and second factor authentication, in full compliance with PSD2 SCA requirements.

We provide:

  • A PSD2 compliant security solution to issuing banks and card issuers
  • Frictionless and transparent experience to end-users
  • Out-of-band payment challenge through smartphones
  • Disruptive cost with low TCO and fast deployment
  • A simple yet strong second factor authentication method to all fintech apps that require more than credentials.


SCA Standards & Regulations Across the Globe

SCA, or Strong Customer Authentication, is not a topic exclusive to the EU (or the PSD2, for that matter). Today, we can see it popping up in financial conversations across the globe. And even though global SCA regulations all share the same stigma of 'expensive' and 'inconvenient', the need to implement SCA and increase the security level of our authentication systems is as relevant and urgent as ever before. Read on to see what is brewing in the world of payment authentication across the US, Asia, Europe and the Nordics.

The Future of Payment Security

Okay loves to talk about the future of payment security. So why not take a look at how the digital payment and security landscapes of the future are intricately connected, and at how authentication solution providers are indeed a central piece of that puzzle?

Now Hiring a UK-based Marketing Manager!

Are you a marketing professional with a love for security and storytelling? Okay is looking to expand our marketing team with a UK based Marketing Manager that can help us communicate a complex product in a simple way. In this position, your main responsibility is leading all marketing and growth efforts. The focus will be creating content and running awesome campaigns across platforms and with partners. Experience in the industry preferred but not required. Apply at okaythis.com/careers

What is the PSD2 story, and how does it tie into SCA and Open Banking?

Establishing Trust Anchors: The Link Between SCA and KYC

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) is something we’ve covered many times. And while SCA is an important topic, required by regulators and considered best-practice in terms of security, SCA by itself is not enough to secure a transaction. In addition to doing SCA correctly, you also have to know exactly who you’re identifying - and that is where “know your customer” (KYC) comes into play. As such, in this post, we'll look into how SCA and KYC are connected, review some of their challenges, and consider what the link between the two might look like in the future.

Let's Talk More About Virtualisation and Sandboxes

In computing, the ability to isolate processes and the resources those processes can access has been a remarkable feature, making software solutions more secure than they used to be. Of course, this concept of isolation is not new. It has been around for a while, with applications standing the test of time by providing continuous outstanding security benefits to users of computing devices. In this post, as a homage to such technology, we will discuss how virtualisation and sandboxes have provided sound isolation on computing devices.


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