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One platform, multiple banks

Monneo connects merchants to multiple bank accounts through a single interface. Ecommerce merchants can gain access to virtual IBANs and digital banking services from multiple European and international banks. We offer our services directly to online merchants and through a network of referral partners such as ISOs, PSPs and acquirers.

Monneo unlocks choice for merchants and allows them to obtain trustworthy virtual IBANs from well-established banks with different payment options including:

  • SWIFT multi-currency for international payments
  • SPayments Association Euro within the Euro zone
  • GBP Faster Payments and CHAPS in the UK
  • FX Payments

The Monneo solution consists of a combination of virtual IBANs and card issuing.

With Monneo merchants can apply for multiple virtual IBANs provided by a network of leading European and international banks and issued in their company name. Every virtual IBAN is linked to a Monneo safeguarding bank account so client’s funds are safe and secure.

Card issuing allows merchants to apply for a corporate Visa debit card(s) through the Monneo platform. Monneo Visa card(s) are linked to the total balance of all IBANs a merchant has across all banks within Monneo’s network.

With our services, online merchants can receive settlement funds from their acquirers and PSPs  and send transfers out in 130+ currencies to their suppliers, affiliates and vendors internationally. Monneo allows merchants to monitor and control access to their reporting with a single log-in, even when their accounts are provided by multiple banks.

Get in touch to learn more about how Monneo can help you to improve how to serve your eCommerce business.



Virtual IBAN and corporate account provider Monneo, has formally announced its partnership with Kantox, a global leader in currency management automation software. The partnership will give Monneo’s customers additional flexibility when managing outgoing payments.

Monneo Launches New Card Acquiring Service

Virtual IBAN and corporate account provider, Monneo, is excited to announce the launch of its new card acquiring service. The development allows the company to offer a full payment ecosystem to its customers and represents a true end-to-end solution.

Monneo enlists Coinbase to allow invoices to be paid in crypto 

Monneo, regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), a virtual IBAN and corporate account provider, has enlisted cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase, in a move that will enable payment of invoices in a range of cryptocurrencies. The new service will be available for B2B invoice settlement and is supported by two of Monneo’s partner banks.

Digital Banking Provider Monneo Unveils New Branding As Firm Enters Era of Expansion

Monneo, virtual IBAN and eCommerce bank account provider, has unveiled an innovative new look logo and website design this week, as the brand expands across Europe and beyond.

How Virtual IBANs Enhance the Growth of B2B Cross-Border E-commerce Businesses

One of the more vexing problems of the modern age when it comes to international business is that regulatory regimes often do not keep pace with technological innovation. Nonetheless, novel solutions to B2B cross-border business have emerged in the form of virtual IBANs, financial instruments that drive the innovation economy and enable new, powerful business models. Here we have outlined three ways that virtual IBANs are transforming the way companies do business locally and abroad:

KYC Done Right Means Competitiveness and Business Growth

When it comes to digital banking and compliance, robust KYC practices not only prevent fraud and financial losses but also strengthen a firm’s ability to conduct business with confidence. This is typically because of the four key elements of strong KYC practices that make sure firms know who they’re doing business with and what to expect from that relationship. We’ve identified the four essential elements of effective compliance in KYC practices for digital banking in order to show you how they help improve the competitiveness of businesses of any size or scale:


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