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FinClusive is a regulatory technology (reg-tech) company that connects traditional banking with blockchain-enabled payments and virtual asset networks that enable any legitimate household, individual, company or jurisdiction to access traditional and alternative/new financial services and products.  We do this by providing an embedded global-reach financial crimes compliance and anti-money laundering (FCC/AML) application built for both traditional and alternative financial services companies including virtual asset service providers.  FinClusive’s compliance as a service application, or CaaS, is a full-stack AML orchestration layer integrating best in class providers to cover global know your customer/know-your-business (KYC/KYB), monitoring and watchlist & sanctions screening, transaction tracking and analytics to enable traditional as well as decentralized and web-based financial services a full tool-kit of AML controls in one application.  The platform also provides compliance backed digitally verifiable identity credentials–and legal entity identifiers (LEIs)–to clients enabling a global-standard utility for Know your customer verification across different financial and payment networks and service providers. 



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