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Fable Fintech are transforming the cross-border transaction processing ecosystem by unlocking the latent Rem-Tech Potential in Banks, MSBs and Exchange Companies.
Since inception, the goal has been to make the global cross border transaction ecosystem more optimal and reduce systemic inefficiencies. Fable Fintech has helped numerous banks, exchange houses, and MTOs successfully automate their remittance and cross border transaction processing business.
Fable operates in a sizeable and high growth market. Person to Person Cross Border Remittance is US$ 700 B and Cross Border Payments (non-high value) is a US$ 22T industry. Clients use Fable Fintech’s platform to operate their own branded digital remittance service for their customers (personal & Trade transactions), to manage their end-to-end inward and outward remittance operations and partners/ clients efficiently as it is compliant with global regulatory norms, ISO 27001 and GDPR.
Fable can collect money seamlessly from 30+ Send countries; can deliver to 60+ Receive countries. In India 9 of the top 10 banks use Fable’s platform as well as BFC Group, Prime Bank, Standard Chartered Bank and State Bank of Mauritius Group, Qatar Islamic Bank, Western Union are some of Fable’s international customers. Winners of multiple industry awards, additionally, Fable are also the preferred partners and pre-integrated with MasterCard Send, Visa Direct, Western Union & Ripple core platforms.


How Fable Fintech has transformed Bahrain’s leading telecommunications company Batelco, by enabling money transfer through the use of its automated cross-border payments platform

Bahrain Telecommunication Company – Batelco – has an impressive track-record of transforming its international money transfer services. In order to help Batelco integrate with Mastercard’s Transfast, Fable Fintech’s Growth Suite provides innovative technology and infrastructure support alongside Finleap. Fable’s Growth Suite offers its customers the unique opportunity to provide their own, white-labelled, cross-border payments system which incorporates a variety of methods. As a global banking infrastructure Company, Fable Fintech is ready to exceed that which banks can offer in ensuring the seamless movement of global payments. Batelco required speed, security, compliance, digital readiness and control; this is the story of the way in which Fable Fintech’s Growth Suite was able to meet those challenges.

Fable API Hub: A scalable and future-proof open banking strategy for banks

Banks all over the world publish their APIs for their corporate customers which allows them to take advantage of the financial products offered within their own ERP environments. Whilst this provides a great customer experience, it does incur costs given the high resources required from both parties to make this a success. Fable’s API Hub makes open banking adoption easier, affordable, and interoperable for your customers – but how has Fable got this right? Read more about Fable’s work to bring banks closer to their customers giving them back control of their own cross-border transactions


Using AI Intelligently: Smart ways to use Artificial Intelligence in Payments

If you are looking for other cost-effective and non-manual ways to satisfy the regulator, then you must read our latest guidebook to find out how to boost revenues by increasing personalisation of your services to your customers and employees, lower costs by improving resource utilisation, and drive growth by reducing risk and optimising processes.

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